Stephen Burke

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Certifications:  Currently completing Business Administration at Wayne University

Stephen, or “Burke”, as he is often referred, is a Service Advisor our clients love working with.  We are lucky to have his kind, easy-going personality as the first thing to greet customers when they enter our lobby! His favorite thing about being at Steve’s European Automotive is working on cool cars for our awesome clients.

Stephen is our resident expert when it comes to anything APR.  You need a tune?  He's your guy!

In his free time, Stephen loves working on aerial photography.  He uses drones and visual and 3D software to create awesome videos and schematics.  His work is visually stunning and he even produced the cinematography for the front page!  

Stephen's favorite food is pizza, tacos, and sushi.  You know, the basic food groups.  He also loves to frequent the Panera near the shop.