Customer Service Representative - Stephen Burke

Name: Stephen Burke

Job Title: Service Advisor

Hire Date: April 2012

Birth City: Birmingham, MI

Awards Earned: Varsity athlete 7 times in soccer, basketball and track&field!  

Stephen, or “Burke”, as he is often referred, is a young Service Advisor with a very bright future! We are lucky to have his kind, easy-going personality as the first thing to greet customers when they enter our lobby! His favorite thing about being at Steve’s European Automotive is working with cool cars and interesting people. When Stephen is at home, he spends his time with friends and family, and works on cars. He is also interested in photography.  Stephen’s favorite place to eat is hometown favorite Slow’s Bar-B-Q, located in good old Detroit! His favorite movie happens to be Where the Wild Things Are, a classic! We can’t forget to mention his sweet little dog, a Yorkie/Maltese named Daisy One thing we know for sure about Stephen, when he sets his mind on something, he makes it happen. Therefore, somewhere down the road (pun intended) you’ll see him in his dream car, a twin-turbo Audi R8 V10!