Automotive Technician - Jim Hanel

Jim 1.jpg


James Hanel (aka Jim)

Job Title:

Master Automotive Technician 

Hire Date:


Birth City:

Pontiac, Michigan


State of MI Master Certified Technician, ASE Certified, A/C recovery 

Info: Jim has 800+ hours in electronics training, VW, Audi and Volvo training, scope analysis, A/C Retrofit, and an Interstate batteries course. The part of Jim’s job he likes best is working on many different kinds of cars. He enjoys new projects and duties each day. When not at work, Jim watches TV. He has a lovely wife Dianna and daughter, Heather. Jim’s favorite movies are Joe Dirt, Cannonball Run, and Smokey and the Bandit. What does he eat? He’s a big fan of corned beef. For dessert he likes ice cream.

Dream car: A 1936 Cadillac.