Automotive Technician - Rob West

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Rob West

Job Title:

Master Automotive Head Technician

Hire Date:


Birth City:

Detroit, Michigan


Master ASE Certified Auto Technician in the state of Michigan, Interstate battery systems, and  over


years  of VW and Audi experience certified in all VW training courses prior to 1991. Highly trained in electronics.


Rob is a legend here at SEA and is known as the premier VW technician in Southeastern Michigan. So what does this talented tech do when he’s not fixing your vehicle?  Rob puts his skills to use when he tinkers with vintage amateur radios. He also enjoys spending time with his entertaining family. Rob has a fabulous wife, Debby, and four children named Jenny, Jill, Bob and Jimmy! His youngest son is a talented computer guru here at SEA. Apparently, intelligence runs in the family!

When he’s not solving the world’s car problems, Rob likes to unwind and watch a good NASCAR or Formula One race on television. Rob enjoys a simple menu for dinner. He is a meat and potatoes kind of guy who enjoys a nice, sizzlin’ steak!

Dream car:

Not one to discriminate, Rob doesn’t have a dream car. He loves them all!