Director of Marketing - Heidi Knierbein

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Heidi Knierbein

Job Title:

Marketing Director

Hire Date:


Birth Place:

 Metamora, MI 


BA major in English (technical & creative writing), minor in Psychology, courses in modern art and political science

Info: Heidi experiences the rewards and challenges of small business marketing everyday!   Throughout the past few years she has attended valuable HR law seminars, Dale Carnegie courses and worked with the Waterford Chamber of Commerce to keep her finger on the pulse of 

Waterford’s heartbeat, and the rest of Oakland County! She loves networking and meeting new people at chamber events. On her days off, she enjoys long conversations with friends over wine, watching movies with family, shopping at Target and hanging out with her compact dog, Frasier! She likes watching local  news and Dateline NBC, but her guilty pleasures are game shows and “reality television”! The part of her job she finds most exciting is the creativity involved. Heidi enjoys trying new marketing concepts and feels fulfilled when she can cross projects off of her list. Heidi usually eats the same thing for a while until she tires of it. She loves Sweet n’ Sour Chicken at the moment, which she enjoys with apple juice on the rocks. Heidi loves popsicles and strawberry ice cream year round. If you see her watching a movie, it’s probably either Harry Potter or Toy Story. Her favorite comedies are Napoleon Dynamite and Anchorman.

Dream car: Heidi doesn’t have a favorite car, she is more impressed with sailboats.