Parts Manager - Fidel Colman

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Fidel Colman

Job Title:

Parts Manager

Hire Date:


Birth Place:

 Cleveland, OH 


ASE Parts Specialist, MIVE, AROC

Fidel has been an invaluable team member at SEA for over 16 years. If you are seeking a part for your vehicle, new or used, Fidel is your best bet to find it at the best price!  He is our resident “Renaissance Man”, with a wide array of interests. Fidel loves family, sports, and the great outdoors. He’s happiest when he can combine all three of these! On the weekend you may see him hiking, playing soccer and volleyball, or roller skating! Fidel believes in standing up for the environment. He has an associates degree in natural science. He and his lovely wife, Heather, lead a very “green” lifestyle. You’ll even see Fidel pedaling to work. Now that is commitment to a cause! Fidel is interested in social justice, which includes Motor City Car Share and Food Not Bombs. He loves philosophy, mathematics, and everything punk! The best part of his job is the sense of self-worth he gains from giving customers the best possible service, technical advice and quality parts for their vehicles. He has developed strong, valuable relationships with his co-workers and considers them his lifelong friends. If Fidel is having his favorite meal, it would either be Thai food or Middle Eastern fare, served with “good beer”! As for movies, he likes Fight Club, Amelie and Forrest Gump. One of his favorite tunes is “Imagine” by John Lennon. 

Dream car: A bicycle.