Electrical System

Your electrical system starts with your battery. It provides electrical current to your entire car. Some of this current travels to the starter motor that then rotates the flywheel which turns the crankshaft and moves the pistons. While the car is started, the alternator works to keep the battery charged and the electrical systems working.


Lighting & Batteries

Lighting and batteries may require more than just replacement.  Sometimes either can be affected by a glitch in the electrical system.  


When your engine is running, the alternator charges your battery and runs power to the electrical system.  Without the alternator, nothing in your vehicle will receive power, so it's dire to keep this working properly.


The starter is a motor that pulls power from the battery in order to turn over the engine and start it.  Our technicians can diagnose issues with this part and keep your car starting the way it should.

Air Bag SYstem Diagnosis

Keep you and your passengers safe by ensuring your air bag system is working properly.  

Windshield Wipers & Washers

Windshield wipers are your vehicle's first defense against the elements.  Maintain your wipers and washer fluid to ensure maximum visibility while driving.