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APR is well-known for their substantial performance upgrades with the thought of your vehicle’s reliability in mind. To them, it's all about enhancing the driving experience. If it doesn't make your vehicle perform better, stop quicker, turn flatter, and more fun, they don't have it.  You can check out available products here: www.goapr.com/products


APR's software replaces the standard software in your car's Engine Control Module (ECM or ECU). It is programmed to adjust ignition timing, fuel delivery, fuel metering, boost settings, rev limiters, and/or speed limiters to optimize performance and, in some applications, fuel economy.   This is done by either Direct Port Programming or the Enhanced Modular Chipping System.

Performance-tuned programs are designed to dramatically increase horse power and torque within the safe limits of the motors potential and without sacrificing smooth drivability.

APR offers a total of five different programs but current ECU's can only hold at max four.*  The programs currently offered consist of the following:

  • Stock mode

  • 91 Octane mode

  • 93 Octane mode

  • 100 Octane mode

  • Valet mode

These programs are available at the touch of a button. APR has taken your cruise control buttons and utilized them for this function. Your cruise control will continue to function as normal, but will give you the ability to scroll through the programs you have purchased on your APR chipped ECU. The procedure is simple and involves only two steps.

*In order for some ECUs to support four programs, the ECU must be removed from the vehicle, opened up, and modified by adding a chip.


APR's software upgrades take advantage of their aftermarket parts, such as, turbocharger systems, exhaust upgrades, clutch packs, and more.