Jim Hanel

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Certifications:  ASE Master Certified, 800+ hours in electronics training, VW, Audi and Volvo training, Scope Analysis,  A/C Retrofit, and an Interstate batteries course.

The part of Jim’s job he likes best is working on many different kinds of cars. He says he never gets bored here at Steve's; there always something new and challenging each day.  

When not at work, Jim loves being outdoors in his garden and working on his home's landscaping.  He's also a very talented wood worker. Jim has a lovely wife Dianna and daughter, Heather.

Jim looks forward to his wive's homemade lunches each day at work.  Dianne is a wonderful cook!  And when he's not eating his wife's cooking, he likes to enjoy a good bowl of ice cream.

His dream car; the 1936 Cadillac.

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